Niels Sejer

Husband, Father and Good Kisser

Niels Sejer

a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. From his early years at Architecture School Niels developed an interest in scenic design that he pursued in collaborations with directing students from the National Danish Film School in Copenhagen

During a 3 year stay in New York in the late 80's Niels attended the Theatre Design and Technology programme at State University of New York/Purchase and subsequently went on to work as an assistant set designer with prominent New York scenic designers such as John Arnone and Loy Arcenas.

After graduation from architecture school in 1992, Niels was hired by Kontrapunkt, a leading Danish design and strategic communication consultancy, and became part of the management group in 1996. At the same time he developed his involvement in the Danish film community and designed several feature films including 'THE LAST VIKING (1994) and EYE OF THE EAGLE (1996).

Since 1998 Niels's main focus has been production design and he has designed more than 30 feature films and TV-series including international successes such as THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATOO and A ROYAL AFFAIR, as well as the original Scandinavian versions of 'THE KILLING' and THE BRIDGE.

Recent projects include THE COMMUNE with Thomas Vinterberg, FLATLINERS with Niels Arden for Columbia Pictures and BORGEN IV' with Per Fly for DR/Netflix.

Copenhagen, January 2023

Agent in Europe

Rebecca Fayyad Palud / LUX Artists / rebecca@luxartists.net /
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Hillary Cook / MurthaSkouras Agency / Jhillary@murthaskouras.com /
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