Green House

All of us have an innate ability to fascinate. According to Hogshead’s research, there are seven triggers or behavioral motivators that we all use. Each trigger creates a different type of response in others:

  1. Power. Taking command of your space. Think Google.
  2. Passion. Attracting with emotion. Think iPad.
  3. Mystique. Arousing curiosity. Think Coca-Cola’s secret recipe.
  4. Prestige. Inspiring respect. Think the Tiffany blue box.
  5. Alarm. Creating urgency. Think FedEx or infomercials.
  6. Rebellion. Changing the game, and triggering creativity. Think Groupon (reinventing how coupons work).
  7. Trust. Building loyalty through consistency and reliability. Think Brooks Brothers.

The key thing to understand is that each one of us has a dominant and auxiliary trigger that gives us our unique ability to fascinate others. Steve Jobs’ triggers, for example, were power and rebellion. Power gives people the strength to get things done and to have a big vision; rebellion brings the element of surprise and reinvention, which changes the status quo. Contrast Jobs with Oprah, whose triggers are passion and trust: Passion is expressive, emotive, likeable, connecting. Trust, in Oprah’s brand, is being consistently nurturing.